About Me

The Woman Behind the Camera

Taking pictures has always been exciting to me. There is something so special in starting with an idea and producing a unique piece of art that can be admired by many, forever. If I am ever without my camera, you can still find me capturing moments using my iPhone! From photographing food, people, scenery and everything in between, it allows for a limitless amount of creativity.

Many would describe me as a fun, genuine and honest person. Other than photography, my hobbies and favourite pastimes include catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, going to the gym, cooking and spending time with my golden retriever, Ava.

My interest in photography really took hold when I turned 14 and received my very first camera for my birthday that year. My first camera was a 2011 Canon Rebel T3. I joined a photography club in grade 9, where I learned camera basics, useful tips and tricks, participated in weekly photography assignments and became more familiar with using a DSLR camera.

After finishing high school, I took a hiatus from photography using my DSLR while I worked full-time for 5 years. I was still very much involved in photography using my iPhone.

In September 2021, I enrolled in the Media Foundations program at Conestoga College. I took a photography course, where I learned concepts more in-depth including lighting techniques, angles, resolutions, rule of thirds and much more.

Today, I am more involved than I ever have been with photography, and spend a lot of my free time travelling to different destinations around the KW surrounding areas to do street, lifestyle and portrait photography. I also create social media content for the small local café I work at full-time.

Now that I have launched my own business, I take so much pride in my work and am excited to see where this will take me!